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Again, a game is in our table as the subject of examination. This time, our guest is the expansion package for Elite Dangerous and the additional package for Horizons, which also started the game’s second season. In our review, after briefly mentioning Elite Dangerous in an objective way, I will try to convey the Horizons package and my experience clearly.

Elite Dangerous, developed and distributed by Frontier Developments, is the fourth game in the Elite series. Previously, Elite, Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters games with the popular space series; Dangerous game is changing from the top down. The game lovers, who have long complained about the lack of quality space games, are literally overwhelmed by the space game. Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, led by No Man’s Sky, many space exploration and action games, prepared to meet the game lovers. Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous are the leading games.

Star Citizen is almost a legend and waiting for the game with excitement, the shadow of Elite Dangerous position a little bit, but this game is definitely one of the games you should try. Star Citizen is still in the Alpha phase, a good reason to play Elite Dangerous, which is on sale with the final version until that game is released. Of course, there are different aspects of the two games that are very similar to each other.


‘’We said there are more than 400 million star systems, yes. So are we alone? No way. Don’t expect a No Man’s Sky disaster. The number of people playing the game is pretty much and the game is in the style of MMO.’’

Elite Dangerous, first released for PC on December 06, 2014, was released on October 06, 2015 for Xbox One. PS4 version of the game is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2017. Elite Dangerous, a space exploration and action game in general; take you into space with your initial ship and drives different missions in the form of headhunting, quests, and battles with online players and unknown signals in space in the form of discoveries.

With over 400 million star systems, it’s easy to get lost in the game. You should definitely have a good map following skills; understand the galaxy and system maps separately. If you keep a good eye on the maps, every point of the galaxy is in the palm of your hand. Due to the nature of the game you can go to a point, with dozens of different routes and routes. An economical route, a fast route and a fuel enemy route with turbo options; all of them in your command.

We said there are more than 400 million star systems, yes. So are we alone? No way. Don’t expect a No Maneys Sky disaster. The number of people playing the game is pretty much and the game is in the style of MMO. Maybe there is no convoy culture in a Euro Truck Simulator 2, but a different space ship comes from everywhere. When you start the game, you start with a ship named Sidewinder. You better be your buddy with this ship, because that’s the game’s default ship. The new ships you buy, even though they are strong and fast from your first ship, face the risk of bursting and never coming back during a battle or when you dive into the sun. (Do not dive into the sun, yes!) Sidewinder is ready to run at any time!

We mentioned that the game is MMO. If you wish you can make discoveries with people deeper into the space, you can be a damned space pirate and you can try to hunt everyone. Most players have a prize at the head and bounty hunters don’t treat people to collect these rewards! However, you can get many different tasks, including legal and illegal, from different NPCs. The trick here is to collect as many credits as possible and be transferred to your new ship as quickly as possible.

You can do many different things within the game such as trade, mining, exploration, smuggling, piracy and hunting. There are also two different modes of play: single player and online modes. Everything you interact with on the game in single-player (solo) mode is computer-generated artificial intelligence. In online mode, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, a gigantic MMO space world is intertwined with real players in real time. It is worth noting that the game wants a permanent internet connection in whatever mode!


As we understand the basic logic of the game, we can go to the main section of the article: Horizons expansion pack. Frontier Developments, which gives a small signal that the game will take on a seasonal structure together with the published Horizons package, defines the second season of Elite Dangerous as Horizons. The Horizons package is a package that you should definitely buy. If you only buy the main game, make sure you regret not taking Horizons. Because of its remarkable innovations, it comes with Horizons.

My advice to all the players who have the Horizons additional package together with the main game is to start the game as Horizons. The Steam interface offers the option of launching two different games as the main game and Horizons when running the game. Choose Horizons. Because Horizons has everything and more than the main game. Don’t bother entering the main game for more free space.

The greatest innovation that Horizons brings with us is the ability to land on the planets we see in space. For now, we are only able to land on non-gravity planets, but are expected to be able to land on all planets without exception. After leaving our ship on the planet, we are greeted by a wonderful off-road vehicle. In this vehicle, we are constantly on our ship throughout our space travel. For now, we cannot change this tool with different models. Nevertheless, it has a structure that makes you think about your work but it causes you to swear a bit as a mechanics. It’s going to take time to get used to it, just like in the first place we’re trying to get used to the spaceship.

However, a feature added to the game Engineers. Yes, the engineers really added to the game. New things that we could discover and collect with the help of landings were added to the game. So we need to interact with engineers in order to collect and assemble them and to create modules for our different weapons and spacecraft. Finally the added feature of the game was the Guardians. In the main game, only the legal and illegal tasks that we can do, along with this update, brought along many other types of tasks mentioned above (smuggling etc.)

Also added alien to the game, alien! For now, this alien race that comes with very few people cannot interact with you right now. Over time, it is expected that the aliens have an important role in the game and that people will create a resistance against these aliens and that inter-racial wars will emerge. There are two more updates to Horizons owners that are not yet published. One of them is the next update with The Commander name. It is thought that the non-shared update will allow for alliance and clan wars in the game. There is no information about the other update.


Everything we talk about after this time is all about Elite: Dangerous. We do not need to discriminate because there is no difference between the two except for the innovations. After playing the game, we have to deal with a whole day to solve the game’s controls and make appropriate appointments. I’m definitely not exaggerating! If you do not have a controller, the keyboard + mouse configuration may give you a little trouble.

For the first time, I saw that the car was given a lot of importance in a simulation game in Euro Truck Simulator 2 by SCS Software. Frontier talked about his experience and reflected the spaceship more than we should have. Make sure you get the feeling that you’re officially driving the spaceship with a good environment. (Just like a good monitor, Dual Shock 4, a high-quality monitor, dark and near-monitor environment?) The experience offered to the player during the re-launch of the spaceship was quite nice. However, the mode of self-destruction is myth. Different screens from all over the ship. This might hurt you a little bit. Because there are a lot of screens and key settings you need to get used to.

However, after getting used to all these control and adjustment tasks, the mechanics of the game takes you to the depths of space. Realistic feeling, a ship and space designed with the best in mind; after watching the Star Wars series from the beginning, you can take your hand directly to this game. If you put yourself in the place of Lord Vader from time to time, if a high-level ship arrives next to your starting ship, then it also fires you. It’s an action-packed expedition, where charisma and excitement make it to the ceiling.


From this point on, the players are divided into two. In the game there are two different driving modes next to normal driving: Super Cruise and Hyperspace. If the point you want to go is exaggerated, you can jump in Hyperspace mode. You’re in control of the ship and just look at the screen for a few seconds.

Neither too closes nor can too far distances go in SuperCruise mode. (Both go at the speed of light but you can decide what to go with the game automatically decides.) At first we’re going pretty fast, I’ll be there soon. SuperCruise journey that you think, the distance decreases as he starts to lose speed and you are literally per screen. I don’t exaggerate; you might have to wait 34 minutes to go to an average distance. That is why it is a fact that the Players are divided into two. I used the phrase. The game is absolutely beautiful, it’s fun, but these wait times are unfortunately not what most players want.

Doesn’t have a solution? Of course there is. If you buy in-game credits and get a good ship, your speed increases exponentially and you don’t get stuck in these times much faster. How do I collect this credit? Here, through these difficult processes, doing tasks. In short, if you do not come close to your chance of coordinates, the beginning of the game at the beginning of the task with the waiting time is such a situation. My advice, wait patiently and really give your watches the game. You will definitely receive your labor.


No difference between the main game and the horizons between any graphics or sound quality. Good game, gentlemen. Are we human? It causes us to react. Still, HD, 2K and 4K resolutions have tremendous quality. The quality of space, the planets and asteroids, the sun (especially the sun) and the space stations made quite high quality. As we were subjected to a cockpit view, we didn’t see our ship from the outside, but it was pretty good in the UI interface.

I’ve mentioned ship controls, in-game mechanics and graphics as good. The fruit that completes all this dessert is the subject of Sound. The sounds of the game are pretty good, like many other points. With a good headset at the point of departure, acceleration and speed of light, you can get a good experience. After some points, you start not to hear the sound of the ship after you exceed a certain speed, and not to see if you are moving. I’m not a space engineer, but I guess this is something about the speed of light?


Yes, friends, we don’t normally play after the oy Training sections. My humble advice, definitely play this game! You can stay in the depths of the space without a fuel, because you don’t play the parts of the training by saying unnecessary in the first place. When I finally started the game by playing the parts of Education, the game was like a rebirth. It describes all the subjects and default keys that are attached to your mind, as appropriate. Personally, the training departments are at least as difficult and realistic as the game. At least it’s dragging!

Horizon is not a new game. But with some innovations in it, it raises the system requirements a little higher. Still, there is no such play. Elite: Dangerous, which has quite good graphics for a game that was first released in 2014, is a game that can be run easily on many computers with its modest system requirements. (Compared to today’s games!) Considering that Star Citizen is still under construction, there is no other space simulation as high as Elite: Dangerous. If you like a game that contains discovery, search and action categories in space, you should definitely get Elite: Dangerous together with Horizons additional package. I can say that the good aspects are considerably higher than the bad aspects. The only matter that already draws attention in the bad aspects is the really long waiting times. Nothing happens to me. As soon as the new ship passes, I will get rid of this situation. If you say, then you should definitely get this game! Our advice is for those who are narrow, and they turn to the games they are plunging into the action

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