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We are waiting the history lovers to this corner.AC: Revelations is basically a game with the same mechanical structure as Brotherhood. We cannot say that there is a lot of technical change in the game. War mechanics, gameplay, the presentation of Ubisoft as a line of good quality is progressing by increasing the line. Again, there are beautiful killing animations, jumps from the roofs, jumps and puzzles all around us, but we cannot say 100% the same as Brotherhood.

First of all, you realize that there is a strong development of character modeling in Desmond’s face. Face facial expressions, lines, facial color changes according to the region can be said to be better than the old games. Although it may seem a bit different from the old type, the visual characteristics of the new Desmond are much better than before. Of course it is possible to say the same thing for Ezio. I don’t know how nice you are in your fifties, but compared to the past, Ezio is definitely different from the visual point of view. As if Ubisoft tried to reflect the burden of the years and the wisdom to the face as much as possible, our Florentine hero.

If we leave the characters aside and lead the way, Ubisoft doesn’t disappoint us. I don’t know exactly how Istanbul was in the 1500s, but I can say that Istanbul, which came across in Revelations, certainly reflects those years. That vitality in all parts of the city, that authentic weather, bay windows, seriously sense of drink is a welcome drink. In the meantime, the game in the form of Istanbul, as well as Constantine and Konstantinyye are addressed in the form.


The atmosphere is more intense for us, unlike the usual Assassin Creed series. It is more enjoyable to hear people talking and occasionally talking about discussions, especially when you run around and run around with the exception of quests. The strange part of these background speeches in Turkish with a very nice accent is used in the main characters used in Turkish sounds a little skewed. As a matter of fact, if we think that all these Turkish words are voiced by foreigners, what we hear is quite impressive. However, I wish Ubisoft had worked with Turkish voice actors who spoke good English instead of foreigners.

Even if you speak Turkish with Yusuf, do you think that he came from Italy? Moreover, the speeches that we talked about do not remain in such a sentence. Sometimes half or even 90 percent of the sentence is made entirely of Turkish words. Besides, the selected words are also quite difficult words to be pronounced for a stranger. It would be a lie if I say, ‘What a great honor master’ or ‘Let it come easy’ in a play. But if you think that this is only a problem for Turkish players, the voice actor in general is quite nice. The music in the usual authentic tone of the game according to the atmosphere has a variable and complementary structure.

The animations in the game, like the old games, usually appear in battle scenes and are thoroughly reworked. I was particularly interested in the early stages of the game; While unarmed with Ezio unarmed a soldier, Ezio broke the arm of the soldier first and then knocked him down and knocked him down. But here is the admirable point of the soldier’s broken arm ragdoll as if the arrival was a nice swing. Just like a broken arm would do. On the other hand, the rest of the soldier continued to act within a certain rule of animation. In other words, the broken arm was moving independently of the body.

One of the important aspects of the game is that the keypad has changed. Now you can access your secondary weapons like pistol, launch knife and much more easily. In this way, you need to fight and the tasks you need to fight quickly and you can overcome the problem.

Despite all these good aspects, this artificial intelligence imbalance that is still going on for years is still facing. Sometimes we have a ridiculous artificial intelligence palette up to the soldiers who don’t even notice us when we come to the bottom, even when we fall in front of the hill and look at us and turn around, as well as the soldiers who understand where we are from a jumping sound 10 meters away. I don’t understand how they do half of the artificial intelligence in the game, stupid and half intelligent. Besides, the graphics are not a work of art. At some points, there are graphic errors, even bullets. Tissue problems in some places are not overlooked.


In our story beginning in Masyaf, Ezio goes to the Middle East following his master Altair’s ghost. It is said that Altair hid a very powerful object in a library under the Masyaf fortress. This object was so powerful that it could end the war between the Templars and the Assassins forever.

The library is protected by five private keys. After capturing Niccolo Polo’s diary from the Templars, Ezio sets out for the last capital of the Ottoman Empire when he learns that there are five keys to enter Altair’s library in Istanbul. Of course, it’s not that easy to find these keys. As a matter of fact, our main enemy in the game, Manuel Palaeologus, the heir to the Byzantine Empire, was destroyed. Manuel Palaeologus, with the help of the Temples of Byzantines, seeks to seize the throne and rebuild Byzantium. On the other hand, prince Suleiman, who is also the mentor of Ezio, has a rival. His uncle Ahmet.

Our Istanbul adventure which started in Galata region, thanks to Ottoman assassin Yusuf Tazim, also introduces us to the state of the city in those years. Just like in Brotherhood, we’re starting with a short ride. We can see the Galata tower and the Golden Horn. We also have the task of climbing the tower at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, we have the chance to see the region of Beyazit, the region of Constantinople, Constantine region and Cappadocia.

One of the things I like most about Revelations is that it allows you to take a look around while you are in this city. I tried so hard, but I couldn’t remember that it was such a feature in Brotherhood or AC 2. I mean, when we meet Yusuf for the first time, he brings us to the Assassins’ hideout and introduces us around the corner. If you stay close to Ezio and Yusuf at this moment, Ezio automatically follows Yusuf and you can see how Ubisoft built Istanbul. As I said, it is a feature that I don’t remember as it was in previous games, and I think this is a big plus in Istanbul, which is the city we visited while traveling around Yusuf.

Revelations tried to present Istanbul as much as possible. Of course, not every street has not designed separately, but you have never experienced the Ottoman Istanbul tried to give as much air as possible. It is really a different feeling to swim from the Bosphorus or the Golden Horn or to go by boat, to go to the top of the Galata Tower, to visit Hagia Sophia, to climb the walls of the Topkapi Palace.

Just like in AC 2 or Brotherhood, all the key places of the city are designed to the finest detail. Places such as Hagia Sophia, Gala Tower, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern have been tried to be prepared in the most detailed way.

Ezio, who came to Istanbul again with the help of the assassins on the one hand reach the keys to Altair ‘s hand in the hands of the Temples does not fall into the hands of Istanbul. In the following sections, Ezio, who takes the help of Piri Reis, Sofia Sartor and Şehzade Suleiman in the following chapters and offers them the same help, silently frees the pearl of Europe from evil. Let me answer the question immediately; yes, we are fighting the Janissary or normal Ottoman soldiers. In fact, Yusuf Tazim talks about this situation when you first arrive:

“Ottoman soldiers are not our enemies, but they will attack us in a wrong movement.“

In this game, Leonardo and his supplier and his friends in the two games of Ezio, Piri Reis runs into our aid, not with us. Besides, Yusuf introduces us to new weapons and war techniques. The most important of these is the Hook Blade, the hook knife.

You’ve already heard about Hook Blade a little too much before. As you can see in the famous video, one of Ezio’s secret knives is broken in his battle with the Templars. On top of that, Yusuf introduces him to the blade knife that they have been using for a long time. If you listen to Yusuf carefully, you will also notice that he is a bit insulting about Europeans when he talks about the weapons they use. Thanks to this hook knife, it provides new advantages to us while killing our enemies and moving fast.

For example, we can now run faster on our enemies and jump over them thanks to our new knife, we can instantly kill them or kill them and let them download their wardrobes. The hook knife also hangs on the long ropes attached to the roofs of the buildings that we call Zipline, which makes us move much faster on the roofs. Again we use the hook blade to hold high places.

Revelations’ innovations in gameplay are not limited to new items. One of the biggest innovations of Revelations, which has different variations in gameplay, is Den Defense.

The assassins have secret houses scattered around Istanbul, namely the so-called Den, and from time to time the Templars are attacking these lairs in which they learn their places. In these cases, with Ezio, you position soldiers in your command and make the defense successful.

You cannot move Ezio in Den Defense; you can only turn the screen left or right. Generally, you should prevent the attacks of the enemy from attacks on a narrow street by placing your assassins on the roofs or at different strategic points. For this you have the option of placing a crossbow or rifle assassin, the option of setting up the barricade and the bombing of Ezio and troops. We can also use the weapon we used in Ezio’s previous game to shoot individual enemy soldiers.

These mini-games prepared with the logic of Tower Defense provide different tastes. Nevertheless, the lack of control in this system is also a negative point. For these points where you control with analog arms like mouse, you can compete against time or you can make mistakes frequently. On top of this game where you lose the place immediately after the attack to kill the commander of the tower back by burning the tower that you can get back to ‘Why so I tried it? ‘It makes you say.

The Templars have taken control of certain parts of Istanbul and they feel their presence in these regions. In Revelations, just like in the Brotherhood, you end the Temple Caper in these regions with Ezio and you bring prosperity to the people of the region. For this, you kill the commander of the region and then burn the highest tower in the region. But unlike the old games, the enemy can attack again in the areas you win. You have the opportunity to reopen and invest in the closed shops in the liberated areas. This positively affects both the city and your incomes.

Revelations also have treasure chests and loot system. You can also find bombs or materials that are newly added to the game except money, drugs, weapons and special objects from the people and the dead. In the new game there are pieces of data called Animus Data Fragment which Ezio can collect in many places. These are notorious for Ezio, but are vital for Desmond.

Desmond, the principal child of the Assassin Creed series, but just captured the lead role, finds himself trapped in Animus after the Brotherhood. The body in the real world is in a coma.

One of the biggest innovations in Revelations is about Desmond. The tasks of the modern age assassin, which we used to control as the main story of the game, are now completely optional. The purpose of Desmond’s quests from the first gaze view is to bring his shredded mind together and get rid of this nightmare. Even though the sections you completed through the puzzles you solved in the rooms called Black Room seem to be a side detail of the game, the fact that these sections are both comfortable and complete the story makes it durable. I still don’t think it’s a species that everyone likes, but I’d say try it a couple of times.


Desmond wake up in the game and the place called Animus Island is not alone. We have been able to see Subject 16, who has been trying to guide us since the first play, and now we can see it more alive. But in my opinion, the glimp puzzles available in AC 2 and Brotherhood were both more interesting with their historical enduring semi-fictional stories and creative puzzles. As I said, having Subject 16 with you now eliminates the logic of this kind of situation.


 Revelation’s came with an innovation brought by bombs. Although we have used smoke bombs in the last two games, the bombs in the new game offer us a wide range of options and different tactics.

The bombs, which are already flexible in our war options, make our work much easier. The bombs collected under three headings can be created for fatal, tactical and distraction purposes. Thanks to its many variations, bombs of up to 300 types are suitable for many different situations and make the game even more difficult. The most important feature of the bomb is the ability to create yourself. Therefore, after a task that you have failed, you can easily prepare a bomb or bombs for yourself, and you can easily get under the hassle.

Besides, you still have to download the fallen soldiers who are calling you in the brotherhood and the fallen seizures. In the second game, I think this tactic, which is particularly useful for tasks that you want to finish with challenges or full sync, is the head of Revelations.

Ashes of the past

Revelations’ an old part of the game is not a part of Altair’s keys after finding the clues we find in the familiar space puzzles. Some of these enemies, including some of the enemy’s challenging environmental conditions are dominated by these puzzles as usual and very tastefully prepared. Just like the Lairs of Romulus or Assassin’s Tombs puzzles, these riddles are full of synchronization options, hidden treasures, and space introductions.

The excitement of Altair’s keys is doubled in the episodes where we play the excitement famous assassin himself. These sections, where we learn the secrets of the story’s history, play an important role in the story of the entire series.

Of course, both technical and gameplay innovations are pleasing to us, but now they want different experiences in the main event rather than side features. As is the case with the old games from time to time, the subject is still very far away from the subject and the main story of the tasks we still cannot sit in a place. Even though it is the fourth game of the series, the main tasks that we do to teach us some basic elements also cause unnecessary time losses.

Of course, in each tale, it is nice to watch a different side of one of the factors by saying the main story as a stop. For example, in the previous game was a side task, one of my favorite tasks was Cristina tasks. The inclusion of such a story and tasks with more background in the main story will at least turn off the other narrative flaws.

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