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World of Tanks, developed by Wargaming and presented to game lovers in 2010, was able to reach a wide audience in a short period of time. World of Tanks is an online battle game that offers a wide range of vehicles from World War II to Cold War and from light tanks to heavy armored monsters. The World of Tanks, available as Free2Play, is available in tanks from the Soviet Union, Germany, the UK, France, China, Japan and the United States. In World of Tanks, which has a total of 5 different vehicle categories, these classes are defined as; Light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers and heavy guns. While each class has its own unique style of gameplay, players can specialize in the class they find suitable and buy high-end tanks.

In World of Tanks, where every player can control a single tank in the game, each match is a random map. World of Tanks, which has a large number of maps, extends the game life seriously. Players are responsible for the entire tank that he / she controls, and it is possible to perform the movements of the tank, weapons and communication easily. Of course, the class that we have used to fulfill our duties in our responsibility. For example, if we have chosen a light-armored tank, our mission is to locate the enemy tanks rather than clash and report them to our team.


There are also multiple modes of play within the game, while the most popular of these modes are random battles, as well as teamwork, team battle and clan wars. This number will also increase with the updates. In short, World of Tanks will remain as a construction that keeps its current for a long time.

In order to look at the current clan wars in detail, it is the game’s end game in general. A large map used in Clan Wars has certain lands that each clan can win by war. Even with a future update all continents will be added to the game and a clan will be able to conquer the whole world.

World of Tanks also provides the possibility of privatization, our own tanks, both in terms of performance and can improve visually. As we play the game, we can open these customizations and use them on our tank with the experience points and coins we have won. For example, with a new turret that we can install in our tank, we can increase our strokes, or we can hide better with a camouflage.

There are also different types of bullets we can use in the game. For example, some bullets may be explosive HE bullets, which are capable of penetrating heavy armor more effectively, while AP bullets may cause more damage to low armored targets. It is also available in Premium bullets, which we can buy in real money for the game and are generally used in clan wars.

World of Tanks is more like a game of action, a simulation-like gameplay, in short, the game begins to attack the enemy with our tank is not a very wise option. Every move we make throughout the game must be carefully calculated and it is a logical option to take all possibilities into consideration. When it comes to losing our tank with single bullets is not even work.

Of course, as is the case in many games, the road to success in World of Tanks goes through teamwork and the higher the communication within the team, the easier it is to win. Especially when different types of vehicles within the team perform their duties, victory is inevitable. World of Tanks technically maintains its success in the game. The high level of graphics and map layout makes the game visually appealing. In addition, all bullets in the game are calculated mathematically and drilling is performed according to the angle of collision with the armor of the counter tank, or the bullets are bouncing.

A game produced with such fine calculations is not easy, of course. As soon as you start the game, you must not give up. Because World of Tanks is not an easy game. As we mentioned above, each move should be considered well and implemented. World of Tanks is a game that does not forgive mistakes with its general lines.


 With Quality graphics, easy to learn and difficult to master the game structure, World of Tanks, more than 60 million players to have fun moments. If you are interested in the Second World War and you like simulation style games, World of Tanks has been able to connect you to your seat for a long time.

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