Fruit Ninja New Tab for Google Chrome

If we try to briefly summarize our goal in Fruit Ninja; as much fruit as possible, without getting caught in bombs, fast reflexes by making much combo (at least 3 fruits at the same time to get the highest score).

fruit ninja

There are four different modes: classic, arcade, Zen and multiplayer. In classic mode, there is no time limit. You are trying to get points by using all the fruits coming in the most efficient way. During this time you need to pay attention to the bombs that appear on the screen. Because if you touch a single bomb, the game is over. On the other hand, you should take care not to miss fruit. You have the right to get a maximum of two fruits in one hand. When you drop the third one, the game is over again.

When we look at the Zen mode, we see that we have a 90-second period. In this mode, there is no limit to fruit hijacking. And there’s no bombs going around. We try to get the highest score by making as many combo as possible. For example, you saw five fruits on the screen. If you can cut all of them with a single finger stroke and make such combos in succession, your score will increase exponentially.

And let’s go to the arcade mode, which is our favorite. It is definitely the most addictive, most fun mode of the game. We’ve got a minute. In the meantime, we should not miss any fruit, because during our time we should always make points that earn points. We can also accelerate the flow of points by making a combo consecutively, paying attention to the bombs. Thus, more fruit on the screen, while at the same time we say hello to some special fruits.

For example, thanks to the colorful bananas, the fruits are flowing like water from the left and right sides of the screen for a short time. If we take the ice banana for a while, the time stops and we increase the one minute period in the first place. Secondly, because the fruits move slowly, we can wait for all to gather together and get the highest score in a single move. Again thanks to the other colored bananas, the points we have received over a limited period of time are multiplied by two. At the end of the time, we should take quite a series of scratches on the fruit of the pomegranate, these moves back to us as bonus points. As you earn points, you can go to the Dojo menu to change the background of the game and the sword you are using.

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