Helix Jump New Tab for Google Chrome

Simple games, both visually and playable, attract great interest in the mobile gaming market. Even though Monument Valley is the first game that comes to the mind of many in this category, the games that progress in the framework of a simple design and easy game mechanics without a script appeal to a considerable audience. Helix Jump is also among the new members of the group.


In Helix Jump, players are trying to lower a ball with a tab-powered ball down a helical tower. While this may seem like a very easy task at first glance, things are getting harder as they go down. Players should not drop the ball into different colored areas while lowering the ball in the spiral tower. Small touches are made on the screen for this. These touches move all floors on the spiral tower. However, thanks to this movement, players can not drop the ball into a different color area. However, as the game progresses, it is important to note that the colored areas on some floors move and the players are making their work difficult.

The level of increasing difficulty as it moves down the tower is getting harder than going to the upper levels. After a certain point in order to progress in the game, you really need to make some kind of unda finger-wand Bel on the screen. The Helix Jump, which looks simple at first, can take on a dash of air when it comes to the point of finger-wand. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game arouses more of a desire to play.

Available in the Chrome Store

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