Halo Reach New Tab for Google Chrome

One of the most impressive examples of the FPS game genre, which has the world’s most preferred and biggest player, is no doubt Halo. Some hate it, and some hate it. I don’t know which side you are, but the fact is that Halo is always one of the most popular FPSs. In 2001, when there were those who couldn’t fit to the sky when they were on the Xbox, the number of people who put them at the bottom of the ground was not small.

Let’s take a look at the hopeless story of our adventure. Once you’re unfamiliar with Halo games, I suggest you first look at the stories of previous games. Halo: Combat Evolved; Halo: Combat Evolved; followed by Halo 2, which unveils the details of the war in the entire galaxy; we shared the story with Halo 3, which revealed how the war ended. Well, at least you know that much.

Let’s come to the story of Reach, the previous adventures, we’ve always been on the planet, we were hardly aware of what happened in other parts of the galaxy. Still, there was a planet we always heard, Reach. We were learning that this planet disappeared during the war, but we didn’t know much about what happened there. The filmmakers also presented the tragic story of Reach, a planet known to be destroyed after the construction of Halo 3, in order to tell us more about the desperate story of this evil fatal planet.

Our story, which took place in 2552, focuses on the events of the Reach planet’s disappearance. No Master Soldier like Master Chief yet. There are specially trained military units with close force. His clothes and weapons look very much like Master Chief, but none like him alone, he is not at a level to save the universe. By running the Noble 6, we’re running the mission; we’re fighting as much as we can to minimize the attack of the Covenants on the Reach planet.

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