Heavy Rain New Tab for Google Chrome

We’re stepping into the masterpiece of Quantic Dream. We have Ethan in our administration. It is not difficult to get used to the controls as a result of the small work we do inside the house. There are no indicators like health bar and map on the screen. It’s more realistic.

When there are only items or characters that you can interact with, the keys you need to press are shown. Before taking a bath, you can remove it, dry your wet bodies with a towel, brush your teeth, or beard shave. Thanks to the motion sensor controls, you get the pleasure of Heavy Rain from the first minutes. For example, when shaving, you must slowly shake the PS3’s gamepad up and down.

What do you want to do now? Spending time with your wife or taking care of children? Let’s move Ethan to his wife first. More than one kind of question appears in his head. Even before this stage there are also questions about where to go and what to do. Your partner may ask you to help us to eat, run the stereo or play with the children. Let’s say you refused any of them and wanted to kiss her. This is also possible, but you also get the answer as appropriate.

After the beautiful moments spent with the children, the food beat and the journey towards the mall started. Shaun left with her mother, while Jason wanted to be with her father. Birthday boy with a nice red balloon. His father wanted to buy the balloon too, but there was no money in his pocket. This time he staked his other pocket, but the result failed again. As these experiments continued, Jason began to move away with the balloon in his hand. When he said the right pocket, then the left pocket, he finally found the money and paid, but even though Jason had disappeared in the crowd.

It was perhaps not a good idea for the family to walk around as two groups. Jason was found after the exciting search in the crowd, but as a result of an unfortunate traffic accident, happiness was replaced by the nightmare. The screams of the mother, destroyed as soon as she was seen, echoed in the street. Ethan didn’t make it, and Jason, on his birthday. And that was the only criminal. After this event, the family broke up and the chain of headaches started.

Heavy Rain’s story starts like this, but don’t think it’s that. No it is not. Our game, The Origami Killer nicknamed, but who is unknown to the killer who uncovered 4 different people are struggling to uncover.

Two years after the traffic accident, Ethan is someone who has her hair shaved with a beard and doesn’t enjoy life as much as before. As a result of carelessness (you’ll see how it happens in the game), this time he loses his other son, Shaun. He isn’t sure if he’s dead or dead, but the fact of The Origami Killer convinces him that his son has been abducted and killed. Our hero wants to win this time by applying the methods he has not tried before; win the only remaining son.

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