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Injustice has a unique universe that contains DC comic characters and is separate from mainstream DC stories. Lines are thrown more sharply, violence is higher. Injustice has a unique comic book series in addition to the game, it is really rich in its story. But of course, there is a main reason why Injustice’s story is so interesting. The members of the Justice League that we have known and loved for years in the Injustice universe now have complex thoughts. With some exceptions, Superman, still the strongest name of the team did some unpleasant things in the first Injustice and caused the team to be divided into the Batman side and Superman side.

Injustice 2 also continues exactly where the story of the first game remained. The Justice League is now officially distributed. Superman Luthor and Wayne collaborate in a private prison. After Joker’s death, Harley Quinn works with Bruce in front of his computer called “Eye of God.” You will understand that the parties have changed a lot. However, this is the case in the world does not make the opening of the game here. When Brainiac attacked Krypton, Supergirl manages to escape Krypton with Clark, who is a baby yet.

However, the Supergirl takes damage along the way and departs the route, while they must proceed to the same route. You know the rest of the story, its Clark and it’s Superman. Supergirl … For many years in cold sleep, the body remains intact. He’s also later by Wonder Woman and Black Man. Of course the purpose is to save Superman from prison and reinstate the regime.


I kept the entrance long for the story, but I had to do it. You don’t have a story about a fighting game. It’s really cinematic and satisfying, with a deeply rooted story. In fact, if you didn’t play the first game, and you’re going to dive directly from the second game, you can get and read Injustice comics in a way. Available in all the information you need.

When you look down, you will see the score that Injustice 2 gets from me. Nowadays, there are fighting games that are the same as each other, except for their character and mechanical differences. What differentiates Injustice 2 from the other fighting games is the cinematic story, but no one can fool anyone, it ends in six hours. The main event is the rich content ratio of this game. Nowadays, the main reason for keeping online-based games (Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, Battlefield 1) is that the progress or “progress” feeling in these games is very good. This feeling wasn’t very popular in fighting games. In a fighting game, it was said that mechanics, such as picking up items, and leveling it up, could not be used. He called. The guys used it like honey, and it’s beautiful.

Each character you play in Injustice 2 can be compared to the characters you are directing in an online arena. It’s not enough to choose your character. You need to equip it in ways that are stronger and create a unique equipment system. Otherwise, the opposite character will be the only difference between you and the opponent. The equipment in Injustice 2 has classic statues. Health, power, talent and so on. Each piece of equipment you add to your character can increase one feature and drop another.

Equipment is not only changing and improving the status of your character, of course. One of the reasons for holding today’s games is here. Cosmetics. Each piece of equipment changes the look of your character. It could be a glove, a tights or a gun. In the DC universe, there are a number of clothes that these characters always wear, and there are also new sets that leave the NetherRealm. The variety of equipment has really peaked. In the game you cannot find another competitor wearing the same outfit.

This is what happens in the equipment system. If you want to equip your character to yourself and give your opponents a hard time, you must complete these equipment in some way. Because the opponent you enter in the 15th level in a match, if the equipment is stronger, you can have a hard time. I know there seems to be an imbalance here. But you have to think: If that person’s character is that mean, I can do it.

Injustice 2 has 27 characters in raw form. When you finish the scenario mode, you can open Brainiac and if you purchased the game as a pre-order, you can get Darkseid. 9 new DLC characters will be added to the game later. Even the first three of them are certain: Red Hood, Starfire and Sub-Zero.

Injustice 2 offers a very familiar image in terms of combat mechanics. The fast and tough combat system we’ve seen in NetherRealm’s previous games (Mortal Kombat, X and Injustice) is also showing. But of course there are similar problems found in those games. For example, you can easily get cornered and try to escape from the combat of the opponent and you can see the end of the round.

The NetherRealm, allowing you to put a new mechanic on this challenge, can still make more complex adjustments to combat mechanics. As such, people choose the fastest and most frequent combo characters and only play them. I’ll never lie, I’ve got about a 10-shot combo with Catwoman and I’m not trying to do anything different, it’s enough for me. Some kind of mechanics could be developed so that people could at least experiment with different mechanics.

Fighting mechanics is a bit problematic because the opponents that come in online matches are generally the ones who use these problems without shame. It’s a long and inevitable combo, even though it doesn’t like it. I have to say that the game of multi-game has remained in one air because of these types. I can’t recommend Injustice 2’s multiplayer mode while there are games like King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter and now Tekken.

Injustice 2 has been developed with Unreal Engine 4 and I can easily say that it has the quality images you wouldn’t expect from a fighting game. In particular, the face modeling and mimics of the characters are really at the peak of the game is very stone. When I talk to Poison Ivy you can hear from various sources that I try to get into the monitor. It is true. I tried to do things like that.

As a result, Injustice 2 is both a fighting game fan and a movie that will be loved by players waiting for a cinematic story. We thought online modes would be overwhelming, but NetherRealm reversed the corner, allowing players to experience a very solid experience. The multiverse, equipment system and a satisfying scenario mode make Injustice 2 a solid one-player game. But as I mentioned in the review, the multiplayer mode of the game is somewhat controversial.

You may like it, you might not like it, but it’s very likely you’re going to head or head. A little distressed. NetherRealm needs to make corrections with minor updates. Apart from that, Injustice 2 is the best and richest fighting game I’ve seen this year and this past year.

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