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Project Cars, which left the mouth open with the screenshots announced and published with the claim of being a drug for simulation search until the root of racing enthusiasts for many years, has also achieved considerable success with its first game had been the target. Particularly, Gran Turismo’s career mode that does not satisfy the users of the GT mode was excited by Project Cars 2’s announcement and the actors who liked the play’s production.

First of all, it is a very comprehensive career mode, unlike the first game. Which motorsport you are interested in, even if you cannot find the exact equivalent of the game is possible to find. You can also compete for the team in the game. It’s nice that the career mode gives you the option to choose the different race discipline you want. For example, a player who does not get any pleasure from the rally follows a different path and can continue his game without getting bored.


The online substructure of the game has also been improved. The first game in the game, and quite annoying connection problems, the second game is solved everywhere. Again, you can enjoy the type of races in the online arena, you can enjoy the game. The on-line championships of the game are also prepared to play with professional players. However, because the majority of the competitors you will encounter in the championships have strong steering kits, you may have trouble if you do not have a steering wheel set. I would like to touch on the topic of playing with the gamepad, which is highly criticized in the first game. As the first game players would remember, playing with Project Cars 2 with Gamepad was literally torture. Even though the situation has improved a bit in the second game, it is still more difficult. While the gamepad optimization of the game can be held responsible for this, different problems also stand out. There are some problems with the gameplay.

Project Cars is a simulation. However, we are right to say that the dosage of the simulation is a bit missed. In the first game, the car is almost unable to hold onto the road and you feel like you’re driving on a spilled road. In my tests with Logitech’s successful steering wheel set, Logitech Momo, it’s easy to lose control of the vehicle, no matter how careful I use it. High-speed control of high-speed vehicles can be easily lost by understanding, but at low speeds and low-level vehicles, the control is so difficult, the question of whether the game is a problem in the driving physics. Project Cars 2 is a very challenging game to play, even if you have opened all driving assistance. As a player who has played Gran Turismo Sport, I have to underline that this challenge makes me quite cool.

In terms of the number of vehicles, Project Cars 2 rivals have been in a position between Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7. There are 197 vehicles in total. This number is higher than the Gran Turismo Sport’s collection of 162 vehicles, but the number of Forza Motorsport 7 vehicles is less than 700 vehicles. In terms of the number of vehicles, Forza Motorsport 7 is superior to its competitors. The variety of vehicles in the game is quite high, from super road vehicles to classic road vehicles, from specially modified race cars to rally vehicles.

On the runway, Project Cars 2 comes with 60 tracks, which we can say enough. The race track is available to players from Monca track, where you can enjoy the rally with the dirt tracks and Formula D vehicles. The details of the tracks are again one of the highlights of Project Cars 2. All the tracks were scanned one by one with the laser and transferred to the game. With the Live Track 3.0 feature of the game, even the places where water can accumulate when it rains is true.

Let us note that the game has different weather conditions when talking about rain. These dynamically changing weather conditions can start the race sunny and turn into a snowstorm. In rainy and snowy weather, the road handling of the vehicles is severely reduced and your driving skills are forced to the end. While the weather conditions are bad, it is useful to be careful. The time in the game with the weather conditions is also dynamic. With the setting you make before the race, you can choose what time you want to start the race and how fast you want the time to flow. This contributes to the dynamic structure of the game.

On Artificial Intelligence, Project Cars 2 has some problems. When you start the race and pull the car aside, it’s really annoying to see that artificial intelligence is constantly doing the same lap time. In addition, the best race time to start the race at the beginning of the first bend the first time you bend the artificial intelligence from the game to cool the game. However, it is possible that such problems can be solved with updates. That’s why we have no choice but to say a little patience.

As for graphics, Project Cars 2 lags behind its rivals. His first play making that loser ambitious position. Especially in terms of lighting quality, he can’t get close to both Gran Turismo Sport and Forza. However, the atmosphere in the rainy weather seems impressive. On the side of voices, we can say that Project Cars 2 is the best among its rivals. One of the positive aspects of the music is that the music is also the gas.

Long story short, Project Cars 2 is a construction that succeeded to put it on the first game. Problems in driving and artificial intelligence problems are solved, if the game continues to be supported content can work fine. But keep in mind that you need to have a steering wheel set to fully enjoy Project Cars 2.

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