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Total War: Warhammer is better, bigger and more ambitious. Warhammer, one of the most popular fantasy universes, is actually a mega universe. With different parallel universes, different timelines and different stories, Warhammer has a great universe. If you want, you can be a Space Marine equipped with technologically advanced equipment like the 40K series; you can become a medieval Elf or a vampire hunter in the industrial revolution in London. The Warhammer universe is so big.

One of Warhammer’s most beloved features is the extremely bloody and brutal and ongoing war. Strategy and diplomacy prevail in total war games, while Warhammer is the opposite. Maybe we can give it to the success of the first game. I didn’t have Warhammer 2 in mind as I was preparing for the new game announcement via Sega and Creative Assembly YouTube.

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Warhammer 2, the second game in the Total War: Warhammer series will come as a trilogy. New mechanics, improved graphics, a spectacular artificial intelligence, environmental elements, all gathered in one package and put the name Warhammer 2. There are now four races in the game. To mention briefly about these races, we first have High Elves. High Elves, a delightful community, was once a favorite of the Old Ones. The original gods of the Warhammer world, Old Ones, also gave these elves an island named Ulthuan. This race, which sees itself as the true leaders of the world as a result of the events that have taken place, is the kind of people who are in the position of everyone’s work.

Secondly, we have Dark Elves. The Dark Elves, known as the High Elves’ deformed and black magic spheres were separated as a result of the civil war that they had once held in High Elves. Thrown from the Ulthuan, the Dark Elves is coming to destroy the High Elves, swearing revenge. The third Race Lizardmen in the game. Yeah, lizard guys. Our brothers are one of the first races created by Old Ones like High Elves. Lizardmen, known as the most ancient race, is still a race that is faithful to and devoted to his gods. The most important of these developments is “geomantic web”. This property, which increases the connections between the cities directed by Lizardmen, is perfect for the regular development of the cities. Imagine a lizard man driving the T-Rex during the war. It’s such a fun race.

Skaven is the last of four races in the game. Skaven, which was added to the game later, is similar to human anatomy. How they were created, this race was the result of a mysterious man pouring chemicals into a dispersed city. Interesting to play, Skaven is a community that moves underground and is not visible to the enemy. Because they move underground, you can enter and distribute each city at the bottom or disrupt the order.

The campaign map is almost twice as big as the old game. Old World, which added Ulthuan, Naggaroth, Lustria and the Southlands to the map, has grown considerably. In general, we can say that the story walking over High Elves and Dark Elves is like the other two race side characters. There are 117 faction and 295 cities in total. No Total War game has ever been this big. It’s just a little slow. The game has two adapt campaign modes, the first of which is Vortex Campaign. In the middle of the map, the Great Vortex is a force that controls magic and Chaos in the world of Warhammer. Every race has a goal of either recovering or destroying this Vortex. So you can save the world, or you can bring it to an end.

The game’s artificial intelligence has evolved considerably. The strategies your opponent can do can really give you a hard time. Gameplay, similar to the first game, has become even more practical. At the beginning of each race’s game, the game teaches you how to play in detail. It shows you how to use the land in detail, how to set up an ambush. But I can’t say that the interface on the map is very successful. “Where did he come from?” You can get angry for a while.

The races have some powerful units of their own, while the Lizardmen has T-rex, you can find Phoenix in High Elves. These units can give you great advantages in your battles. To mention briefly from the heroes, it is not very pleasing. They can destroy three battalions of your army alone. This is becoming a bit annoying. I suggest you choose your army according to your environment and pay attention to your strategy. Because Warhammer 2 is the first Total War game to let the player loses. There are some flexibility you can have in every battle. The movement speed of the armies, their animations were also quite successful, and the overall curse of the Total War type of games has always been the interface, although the simplification of the interface.

There are usually three cities in the conquered regions. You can customize and develop these cities as you wish. Make sure you develop these cities well during the campaign and I suggest you try to make the people happy. Because even if a building is not cared for, there can be a riot. In the new cities that you conquer, you can execute everyone who is distracted. The same goes for the armies you’re facing. You can forgive your enemy, take prisoner, or execute it. Each of these three options has different benefits for you.

To sum it up, Total War: Warhammer 2 is a game that keeps its promises to its players and evolves according to the first game. With the length of the game you can say that he will connect you for a while. Each race has its own complex mechanics and is very compatible with each other. If you like strategy games or if you are a Warhammer fan, you should definitely try.

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