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The influence of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on our century is certainly indisputable. With Peter Jackson moving the Lord of the Rings to the big screen, multiple video games were made for the series that became a culture. For each of these productions, we cannot say successful, but there are successful games like The Battle for Middle-earth,

Return of the King and Conquest. The LOTR game, which the fans and the Lord of the Rings have been waiting for a long time, came from Monolith and Warner Bros. in 2014. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has proven itself in terms of gameplay in terms of gameplay, but it has proved to be one of the most successful games. He told us the story of a Ranger named Talion in Middle-earth that we know and love. Sauron, who had recaptured Mordor in Gondor’s hands, had Talion and his family killed in the spot. Talion, burning with the fire of vengeance, is one of the oldest Elf blacksmith of Celebrimbor, in an purgatory style. He was looking for Sauron in Mordor.


Three years have passed and Talion’s story continues with Shadow of War. At the end of the first game the story left us on the spot saying that a new ring should be made. Shadow of War, which continues exactly where he left off, shows Celebrimbor and Talion as beating a new ring in the middle of Mount Doom. After that, our adventure begins again. Instead of an empty land, as in Shadow of Mordor, we hurt the Orcs in the fortress cities of Mordor. These places include places like Minas Morgul and Cirith Ungol which are familiar to the Lord of the Rings fans. The play that Sauron once again rose to, also shows how the Orc’s Mordor once again passed on to Sauron.

Let’s talk about Shelob’s character before he goes into details. Shelob, our spider sister whom we know from The Lord of the Rings, is an attractive, attractive sister in Shadow of War and a great place in the story. Monolith had been critical of why Shelob was a female character. But the truth is that Shelob is not a spider. He is an evil spirit who uses a spider form like his mother Ungoliat. If you’re used to Tolkien’s work, it may take a little longer for you to adopt the character. In addition to Shelobs from Tolkien’s world, we encounter Gollum and Witch-King during our story. These characters do not have small roles, but have a big impact on the game.

For my part, I found the story of Shadow of War more interesting than the previous game, Shadow of Mordor. But I can’t say the story of the game is the basis of the game. The side characters accompanying Celebrimbor and Talion are immediately forgotten, and the introduction of a main character such as Shelob is happening at once. Great flashbacks for Sauron and Ringwraiths. But instead of these sections, I prefer to go back to more games. Of course, Middle Earth lovers may be angry in some parts while playing this game, they may fall in love with some parts. It all depends on how open-minded the person is. After all, Monolith is not very loyal to the Tolkien universe. If you agree that this game is an alternative story from the books, I’m sure you will have a good time.

One of the main reasons I’m playing the game is the gameplay mechanics of Shadow of War. Fighting mechanics, salt and pepper on the Shadow of Mordor. If you played the first game, you will feel like at home. It is both fun and hard to regret a jumping between groups of orcs. Of course, it’s a little disappointing that Shadow of War’s combat mechanics are so similar to the first game. Batman in the game: Arkham series and Mad Max’s combat mechanics have a feeling of blended state. Talion’s mobility rather than fighting mechanics has been improved and Celebrimbor has been given the feeling that you are fighting two people. Especially the Elf Rage mode is the most fun mechanical.

According to the previous game there are many mechanical changes. The Nemesis System has been the most prominent of these changes. In Shadow of Mordor, this system, which cannot get out of the tracking system, has become a system that allows you to set up your own army. Thanks to the ring, Talion and Celebrimbor can lead the enemy captains, warchiefs and overlords to fight for us. They are naturally joining us in their followers Orcs. You can send these Orc’s under our orders to stab the other Orc leaders in the back or raise them with you during the battle.

With these special Orcs you have added to your army, you can encircle and conquer the castles. After reaching a certain level, you know that in these attacks, you win by defeating the enemy castle and finally defeating your leader. You can place one of the Orcs in your army at the head of these fortresses you captured and you can get it for yourself. One of the fun details found in the game is to be shaped according to the tribes to which the Orcs are connected. So your castle can be gold plated at a time, or it can stay in blood. Monolith, who turned Mordor into a gigantic open world, divided the Orcs into seven tribes.

The game can be one of the most successful names in recent times as graphics. It is possible to find details even in the most unexpected places of the game. Already seeing the majestic castles you will give me the right. If I have to complain, it takes a long time to enter the map, turn on a talent and change your equipment. Because, in the game, these transitions are slow. And this one stands out after a while. The game has a micro payment system. There are bad reviews about this system on the Internet. However, I cannot say that the game is forcing you to this system. Without reconnecting, you can easily develop your character and army with the money you earn.

As a result, Shadow of War develops elements that make Shadow of Mordor successful. Except for the slow start of the game, after a certain period of time you take away and connected with the game mechanics you cannot realize how the clocks passed. With its massive Mordor map and gameplay, Shadow of War is preparing a beautiful gaming experience by leaving behind the previous game.

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