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In recent years, the number of independent producers and producers began to grow at a great pace, especially with the Early Access program on Steam in the game industry. This is one of the independent studios in New York City. Even though Focus Home Interactive takes over the distribution, the studio remains independent, and developers are not interfered in any way while developing the game. You’ve heard about the new World Interactive name from its first game, Insurgency.

The first game, which was developed with the Source engine and which we encountered in an intermediate form that we could call arcade or arcade, didn’t create wonders visually, but it was quite successful with its realistic and non-boring balanced gameplay. New World Interactive will also be pleased, Insurgency: Sandstorm has begun to develop.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the review Insurgency: Sandstorm is neither a complete action FPS game, nor a heavy simulation of Squad, ARMA. He’s a little more real than Battlefield, so we can call him a little more action than Squad. However, this balance is provided so nicely that both players can enjoy the Insurgency: Sandstorm.

First of all, you can choose two different countries. In fact, the country does not have any flags on the soldiers that would be wrong to say. However, one looks like an American soldier, while the other is a middle east resister. These two elements in the game can choose different weapons are different. While Insurgents have weapons such as AK-47, FAL, Uzi, Security has more modern weapons such as M4A1, G3, M14. The fact that the weapons of both sides are different has caused the game to become more dynamic. Personally I liked this situation in today’s Battlefield games.

 The fact that being on a different side in each game had no effect except for the visuality; it was also a blow to realism. For example, seeing the Englishmen running the StG 44, which was rarely found in German soldiers in Battlefield V, was striking the game’s impressive. Insurgency: In Sandstorm, each round moves to a different side, making it feel more exciting and different, which is one of my favorite details about the game.

There are a few words that I would like to mention on the guns’ senses. Because if you ask me the game is the most successful point. Insurgency: Sandstorm is an interesting system in which we are not familiar with other FPS games. To explain this system called Free Aim, let us first explain how classical FPS works. In other FPS games on the market, even if you are not targeted with the right click, your character and the gun will change direction directly according to the command you give when you move the mouse. Insurgency: In Sandstorm, the direction of the weapon changes only for a very short distance, according to the direction in which you point the mouse, and after the distance exceeds, the character, like the classic FPS, begins to turn.

This is, of course, only available when you are not using the right click. When you suddenly rush to a position, you can really feel the effect on both the realism and the gameplay. Although you may need a little time to get used to it at the beginning, you’re starting to look for this feature in every game after you get used to it.

Insurgency: Another distinctive feature of Sandstorm is the weapon’s binoculars. With this feature available as an option in game settings, for example, when you zoom in to a 2X binoculars, you only see that the view in the interior of the binoculars is close, and the remaining parts remain fixed in our classic perspective. Although this feature has a serious impact on the performance side, it can be useful both visually and mechanically. When you cut the enemies away from the binoculars, you have the chance to see your foe when an enemy appears and make a direct move. If your PC is strong, I strongly recommend that you activate this feature.

One of the original features of Insurgency is the magazine replacement system. First of all, there is no indication of how many rounds left in the magazine in any way. So we need to be more careful when shooting. The game’s reload system is slightly different from other productions. When you change the magazine in other games, the amount of bullets in your old magazine is added directly to your total ammunition, while your old magazine is added directly to your ammunition in Insurgency: Sandstorm.

So if you do reload with 10 rounds, you have 10 bullets when it comes back to that charger again. You can also hold down the R key to check how many rounds you have left in your magazine, and your character removes the magazine and looks back inside, and an indicator shows how many rounds left at the bottom right of the screen. This is forcing you to check before you take action.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is an incredibly important game of weapon mechanics, as can be seen in the two paragraphs that I only devote to the magazine system. You can also see the same level of detail as the shot and shot. First of all, every weapon you use in the game is able to make you feel different. The recoil rate of the weapons is original and different in every one of them, and the experience, experience and performance are the best means of understanding each one of them. However, after playing the game for a while you will choose a favorite weapon, you can customize it as you wish.

Sandstorm’s well-balanced gameplay, great hit sensation and details, great sounds and enough visual quality are worthy of a much better choice today. If you can’t find what you expect from FPS productions like the recently launched Battlefield V, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, I would definitely recommend you to take a chance on this silent. He’s paying his money.

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