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After introducing Anthem with an impressive introduction, BioWare was able to create her own hype with the explanations and the published gameplay videos. After a long period of construction, Ema and Origin Access owners opened last week, Anthem, let’s see the expectations met.

First of all, we need to explain what kind of game Anthem is. As we have already mentioned, Anthem is a Looter Shooter game. So the main goal in the game is to make our character stronger. We do this in the game with the equipment we have gained as a result of Raid-like experiences called Stronghold. As a matter of fact, it is a Diablo-like experience. But there is a point where Anthem differs here. In this kind of development, parallel to the visual integrity of the character progresses parallel to the character, the visual development of the character and equipment in Anthem separated from each other. Although developers say it has made it to free the players, the underlying goal is to sell the costume completely with the help of micro payments.


 As soon as the game was opened, micro payments were also activated. While the EA’s record in this regard is already full of weaknesses, a game design with a purely micro payment focused on the content seems to have already made the players seriously annoyed, both in the Reddit comments and the game’s average score in Metacritic as 2.6 out of 10. It proves that.

First of all, I would like to touch on what Anthem offers in terms of the story. Although Anthem doesn’t stand out with its story and it looks more like an MMO with its online base, I don’t want to spoil your experience by giving any spoilers. In the anthem world, we are one of the Freelancers who used the armored clothes called Javelin, similar to Iron-Man’s clothing. These Freelancers are the friends of the good living in the game world, the angelic dreams of the wicked.

 As we enter the game in a way we cannot understand the exact cause of the game against a huge creature attack Fortress, in the game called to protect the city called a fortress, along with the situation as a result of the operation of the city’s guardian angels, lost their former reputation and become subcontracted mercenaries. As one of the subcontractors, we take various tasks within the castle and continue the game. The story of the game slowly begins to sit down and understand what we are doing. Intermediate scenes in the storytelling of the game are successful. Especially after the Mass Effect Andromeda face animations BioWare opened the mouth of the pouch opened our eyes into the face you get officially called animation.

On the gameplay side, the most striking aspect of Anthem’s introduction was the ability to fly freely with the Javelins. Personally, I can say that the dynamics of flight are successful in terms of both animation and pleasure. Although using it with the Mouse in the PC version seems difficult at first, in the general world of the game, Iron Man is able to offer a different experience. Especially the animations and sound effects at the time the flight started were beautiful.

However, because of the game’s performance problems, the loss of FPS is a constant; unfortunately this is the number one reason that undermines pleasure. In addition, the game world is designed as a vertical axis rather than horizontal, cannot provide the width required to enjoy flying. In addition to all these, the height of your flight is blocked after a certain level, or the long flight times are prevented by the warming of the clothes is still a negative situation. However, the place does not warm up when there is no water flow, flying over places like creeks or lakes. You can easily fly in such areas. Under the water you can also move freely and the effects of dive under water seem successful.

Anthem’s war dynamics are seen from the TPS point of view as we see from the promotional videos. So if Anthem’s theme is like Destiny, it’s quite different from the gameplay. Even though the TPS point of view is a joy when combined with beautiful animations, it can be missing on the identification side with the character. However, with the support of beautiful animations in general, the dynamics of war in Anthem was fun. The animations of our skills in the game are designed in a quality way you can have fun in the game during the war. Particularly in closed spaces, we enjoy a lot of time as long as we don’t have many FPS shortages.

Another successful feature of the construction is that it allows for different character customizations and each character makes a different feel. Each of the 4 different Javelin classes in the game offers a truly different experience. The game has been more successful than Destiny. When you buy a tank class Javelin, you can feel its weight and its durability. With different modules you have dropped in the game, it is also pleasant to gain different abilities. But I can’t say the same thing about guns. I would expect the weapons to feel much different in a game logic based on Loot. This situation, which is the biggest problem of The Division, is also present in Anthem. The game is played with the TPS point of view, so these types of deficiencies are felt. I would expect BioWare to solve this situation by adding more characteristic features to weapons. For now, the weapons seem to be second.

I can also say that Anthem is welcome on the voices. Surrounding sounds, character voices, music are quite successful. In fact, the voice of our help in the game is very similar to our Ghost in Destiny. The only difference is that he is a real person. On the side of the music, BioWare has accomplished successful works. Also, the music of the game does not scratch the ears and has nice sounds. BioWare is a company that has already proven themselves in this regard.As a result, Anthem has emerged as a game that offered us excellent options in terms of graphics and gameplay.

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