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There are some games. It is as simple and simple as possible. However, despite all this simplicity, he actually succeeded in fulfilling his duty. Here you can play the game called Gris, which you will play with a great regret from start to finish. If you’ve played Journey or Abzu-style games before, I’m sure you have a clearer understanding of what I mean. These games, which are in a style where art is integrated with the game, managed to touch our hearts with its water-like flow and perfect visuals. In this way, Gris follows such games and with his features he manages to touch our hearts just like them.

Without understanding what happened to the game, you start without knowing what kind of world you are in. Gris, which we manage a delicate but a biter-like character, prepares you for the journey you will take, rather than the factors you wonder. As soon as you think that you have pressed your foot on the ground, you can find yourself in the game as well, as the space is shattered, and you can say that in the game. You are moving forward and you continue to feel that you are an important part of this adventure from beginning to end. As I said, in this game called Gris, you don’t see big storms, nor do you see a story that will spoil you. Nevertheless, this journey, combined with the visual power of the game, gives you a rare experience.


For Gris, a game that combines the elements of the platform with small puzzle elements, but with a perfect visuality. Yes, it is very short, you encounter simple puzzles. Yes, the puzzles are easy to pass, but from time to time you want to try more than I can say. Platform elements are usually built on jumping, overcoming or breaking some obstacles. It is far from being metroidvania with its general lines, but I can also say that the map has a different structure. You don’t walk around the same places over and over again, but you’re also confronted with layered areas.

Of course, it is not limited to what makes Gris special. More precisely, there are dozens, hundreds of games with these dynamics. But the only point that puts Gris between Journey and Abzu is hidden in the visual feast he used. Despite the simple structure I emphasized in the game with such beautiful transitions, graphics, which, you find yourself in the middle of a fairytale atmosphere. Drawings and animations based on these drawings manage to impress you at every moment. Moreover, as you progress through your adventure, the colors that come to the playground impress you as if you were spitting new colors on Bob Ross’s canvas.

 I can even say that as a camera use, Journey is one of the only games that impress us. In a moment when you focus on the character in the next stage, in fact, in a huge world, we can just slap ourselves like we are slapping. Moreover, this sharp but effective transition is so beautiful that you are starting to wonder about the scenes you will encounter throughout the game.

Another aspect of Gris that influences us is the music that is integrated into the gameplay. How can a game be beautiful without talking? Do not ask. It’s happening. The music that is played in your ear while your character is floating in that infinity, manages to complete the atmosphere of the game. When you encounter a storm or glide down a large mountain, the music also rages and accompanies you with the tonnage that you should have during this adventure.

As a result, Gris is not a game for everyone; perhaps for those players who can’t get enough of the action, always running after it, Gris, or what I’m writing, will be meaningless. I have to say that the game is easy, short, and repeating. But when you hit the general side, even those repeating parts of yourself are so beautifully rendered that you are lost in the clouds and you are looking for a different image in each cloud. So every obstacle you encounter, every puzzle, actually turns into a spice in this delicious meal you eat. Even though you are short, you will happily leave the dining table with the taste that will remain on your palate.

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