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Ubisoft, one of the world’s top AAA game producing companies, brings players from adventure to adventure every year with different productions. Of course, we can discuss the quality of the games put forward, but it is an indisputable fact that Ubisoft offers players a bad experience, albeit occasionally. Ubisoft, which applies the game formula it finds to nearly every major series, released Trials Rising this time. Although Trials Rising, left in the shadow of Far Cry New Dawn, put a number of innovations on the first game, unfortunately it has not recovered from its chronic mistakes. However, when I look at the general case, I would like to mention that Trials Rising offers a very entertaining experience. What kind of production did Ubisoft make this time? Let’s take a closer look.

Previously, the first Trials game developed by RedLynx with the focus of the consoles had unexpectedly reached high sales figures. Then the developer of the second game released on the market, Ubisoft to enter the third game was under the wing. Trials Evolution series with the innovations brought by Ubisoft and the advertising power of its own, creating a special audience series, Trials Rising aims to enlarge the audience. Aside from the first games of the series, Trials Rising is quite similar to the Trials Fusion in terms of gameplay in general.


Developers who do not handle vehicle controls very much wanted to focus on new content, rather than gameplay in the new game. Because the structure of the oscillating gameplay of the series already satisfied the player in terms of re-playability. But the series was sterile in terms of content. However, this situation is prevented in Trials Rising, the first time you enter the game is evident. Starting with the map of North America, you are almost like traveling around the world. The design of the section is almost perfect in terms of design is not very relevant to the parts you play. Developer team RedLynx, as in the old games, worked on the department designs again with fine workmanship. We fight against time as always in the chapters. While starting each section, we are racing with the ghost data of other players. You can personalize your own vehicle in Trials Rising, where you can personalize your character.

This feature, which was also in the first game, was also developed in the new game. In addition to the more personalization option, this part of the series, where the product boxes are integrated, is no longer sterile in terms of content. There is also a special training series called Trials University for the new players. Depending on your level in this section you can find tips about the game. Although the gameplay mechanics of Trials may seem simple, you have to sacrifice long hours to master the game. Otherwise, the physics element of the game can infuriate you.

Equilibrium is quite important to establish a different way than the old games, the structure is faster. A very balanced course can instantly evolve into a very fast structure. Although this situation annoyed the player at first, it was a structure that increased the level of fun and competition as time passed

In the construction that is very successful in re-playability, you must level up to open the new course. However, due to the difficulty of the course at certain levels, the game can be clogged depending on your ability and you may have to play a track from the beginning many times. If you can get a high score in the course you can get more experience points.

The multiplayer side of the game is based on the party system. Thanks to the related party system you can fight against your friends. Next to the PC platform, I recommend that you play the game on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms with the controller. As a player who experienced the game on the PC platform, I can easily say that Trials Rising is easier to play with the controller.

At the end, Trials Rising didn’t bring much innovation in terms of gameplay on the previous game, but managed to put a lot of innovation in content. I would like to mention that the graphics of the game, which is quite beautiful about the design of the episodes, are not very suitable for the new generation. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the music chosen for the game is well adapted to the themes. If you are looking for a different genre, and you like the Trials series, Trials Rising will be in your position for you.

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