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Ubisoft’s long-standing dance series Just Dance has come up with brand new songs and features. Although we can’t play yet, we wanted to have fun with Just Dance 2019, which is one of the leading productions of party games right now. Just Dance is a production that is able to blend both of these. So you can dance like a pro by memorizing all the figures, or you can have fun just by leaving yourself to the rhythm of the work. Just Dance 2019 offers you this experience just like the previous games of the series. I mean, “what do I know?” Even the pattern, you enjoy the game in a way. Especially if you are playing with your close friends, I can guarantee this.

First of all, it’s quite easy to play Just Dance 2019. So, as I said, be an expert or not, you enjoy the game in some way. Moreover, they provided this ease with different gameplay possibilities. In other words, if you have a PlayStation camera or Kinect, you can directly play the game and you can play it. With PlayStation Move controllers, or if you own the Switch, you can also play with Joy-con controllers. In addition, a telephone support has been allowed in the game for everyone to play. As Wyatt Cheng says, everyone has a phone in their hands. Ubisoft has turned this into an advantage. Thanks to an application you downloaded, you can use your smartphone as a controller.

Just as you did in the previous games, Just Dance 2019 opens with a very colorful menu. In this section you can enter the order dances as well as profile adjustments. When you enter the playlist, you will receive a crowded list. Of course you don’t have all the songs or game modes when you enter the game. After a short dance tour, the locks of other parts start to open. Unlimited songs in contrast to the name you are left for a limited time.

The Just Dance series is based on the elements of competition and entertainment in general. So if you wish you can fight with your friends with the same figures and try to get more points. Or just like a professional dance group, you’re allowed to gather around the main dancer. After each piece you earn points based on how accurate or perfect the figures you are exhibiting. To increase these points, you must display the figures that appear on the screen. With these points you can unlock new songs as well as the Loot machine system. So you can get full points by simply shaking the phone in your hand. It is possible to trick a game, but it doesn’t make sense to play the game once you’re in. So it is more fun to follow the rhythm of the music and try to exhibit all the figures.

One of the most important factors you should pay attention to when playing Just Dance is that you need a large area. You need more space, especially by the number of players. If you are not careful small accidents or if you do not hold the phone tightly, you may also face sad situations.

In short, Just Dance 2019 is in the footsteps of the series. Just like last year, it goes through the class with different control types and easy compatibility. Especially if you are playing in a crowded way, the fun of the game is growing naturally. Generally speaking, it can be criticized that it shifts towards Unlimited content and does not include major innovations compared to the previous game. Nevertheless, with fun songs and dances, I would say that this is one of the best games of the genre.

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