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Darksiders 3, developed by Gunfire Games, finally debuted. Darksiders, one of the series who wondered whether the players would continue after the sinking of THQ, let’s see what the THQ has given us in the hands of Nordic and what has it been able to offer?

Darksiders is a series about the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the first game, War players were playing the role of War, trying to prove his innocence. War landed before the seals were broken, and the Apocalypse, which came with him, brought the end of mankind. The game ended with one of the most beautiful endings I’ve ever seen and my love for Darksiders was beginning.

darksiders 3

A few years later, Darksiders 2 made his debut as the star of Death from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As a main character, a much crueler, quick character was with us this time. Death believed that his brother, War, had been wronged and went on a journey from the Tree of Life to the Land of the Dead. The story was preceded by Darksiders. The game was perhaps better than the first game, but it had many features that undermined the game. And November 27, 2018, Darksiders 3 PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one for the output was made. So, this time the role of Fury of the Four Horsemen Fury as we expect to say that the game is the production? Both yes and no.

The story of Darksiders 3 takes place after War launches Resurrection. Fury is being called by the Charred Council. Unhappy with the release of the Seven Deadly Sins on earth, the Charred Council is sending Fury to hunt them down. We learn here that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have fought with the Seven Deadly Sins. But this time Fury has to deal with them all alone. Because; War is suspended, death is lost; Strife is busy with other jobs. (We’ll see Darksiders 4 now.)

In Darksiders 3 our story starts just like that. We are watching the Watcher, which is given to us by the council (it looks like Watcher in the first game, but it is more respectful and useful). The battle of each of the Seven Deadly Sins is truly wonderful. They behave according to what they represent; design and discourse are really successful. Also, I cannot pass it, Lust in Darksiders 3 has one of the best illustrations I have ever seen. I think you’ll be right when you play the game.

Our main character, Fury, is slightly different from the characters we played in the first two games. War was a powerful but powerful fighter. Death was a character of a fast moving assassin-warrior mix. We can describe Fury as a war magician. From time to time, certain elements, weapons, used a beautiful character.

The main weapon of our chain used by our character is Scorn. He’s always with us, a gun that hurts. In addition, the most important feature of himself, according to the spirit of Fury is shaped again. Throughout the game, Scorn turns into different weapons as we get Hollow and these become our secondary weapons.

Darksiders has a total of 4 different Hollow. Of them; Flame gives Hollow Fury double bounce and immunity in hot areas, turning Scorn into a hot chain. Storm Hollow allows Fury to float through the air and elevate with air currents, turning the Scorn into a lightning spear. Force Hollow empowers Fury, breaks some blocks, and protects them from Tempest (you’ll understand what’s playing). It turns the Scorn into giant bales. Statis Hollow allows Fury to walk on water, stop time for some objects, and also let you climb some walls. Converts Scorn to double sword. These four Hollow games are the main source of all the puzzles in the game. Even in some of them you need to use four consecutive, so what Hollow does is an event that you definitely need to solve.

I can’t say that the fighting system in the game has changed so much. With two different weapons combined with our strokes, we break apart. Apart from doing this in a standard way, we have a Wrath ability. When we activate it, it has an effect on which Hollow we use. In crowded battles and especially if you don’t use small bosses, you may get bored.

Another fighting skill that Fury can use is Havoc. Havoc, which is filled with killing the creature, looks like Death’s Reaper form with the War form and Chaos form. When Havoc is activated, Fury is transformed into a monster, the can bar begins to regenerate, and its damage is growing enormously. If the first two players are cool, I can say that Havoc is so cool. Use the Havoc form only in difficult battles, and enjoy when you use it.

Darksiders 3 continues with its comic strip graphics. I can tell you the graphics aren’t too bad for me. However, while the characters are talking, sometimes there is a shortage of graphics due to graphics.

My last criticism of the game will be about story processing. At the beginning of the game the conversation between Fury and Charred Council was very shallow. The shortage of this dialogue continued throughout the story. The only good thing about this is the conversation between Fury and Watcher. Somehow they were part of the storytelling for me.

The music and voice of the game is very good. The music played in the battles, the voices of all the characters are really good.

To summarize briefly, Darksiders 3 is a great game, although not great. In Darksiders 2, a lot of things have been removed, such as the article system, dialogue choices, which have been criticized by the actors, and they are closer to the first game. It is obvious that the followers like Darksiders will follow the universe. But the loading times and the Checkpoint system definitely undermine the pleasure of the game. I must say that Gunfire Games should definitely find a solution.

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