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Mount and Blade II: The developer of Bannerlord, Taleworlds, wrapped up their weekly blogs, which were published last week, with a little bit of a sentence referring to Warband. Of course, this sentence came to mind immediately or did it end at the end of Bannerlord’s construction process, which had been developed for six years? He brought the question. Mount and Blade II: From the day the Bannerlord was announced, a lot of water went under the bridge. While the interest in the new Mount and Blade game may seem to be diminishing over time, the loyal followers of the series are even more enthusiastic about the smallest information from the Taleworlds. Taleworlds didn’t share much information about Bannerlord in the process of building for more than 6 years. So what is the shared information? What information do we have about the new Mount and Blade game? Let’s have a look.

With the gameplay images published 2 years ago, when we compare the gameplay images published in 2017 E3, we can see that there are significant differences between the early stages of the game and the in-game images that were recorded 2 years ago. According to the information shared on weekly blogs; The game engine used in the game is constantly updated. Especially with the newly developed lighting system, it has been quite a long way over the shading. By comparing the lighting system on and off, it is possible to see the distance traveled. Together with the new lighting dynamics, the light reflected on the surfaces gave depth and vitality to the space. Together with the day cycle, we can see that the shadows change places.


According to the changing seasons in Bannerlord, every season will have a different atmosphere. In the videos of the producer logs published, it can be seen how this season cycle changes the atmosphere of the game. Each season will have its own color tone and weather conditions. Of course, you don’t have to wait until the seasons change. Every country in the game will have its own geographical conditions and architectural structure. So when we travel from one country to another, we will be able to see the change in the atmosphere clearly.

As in the lighting system, the M & B Warband is another element that is not at the early stages of the game, but also the physics of fabrics. Looking at the horses of the horses, the tassels of the helmets and the blanks, we can see how the physics of the fabric adds to the game. In the same way we can see another innovation in Warband and in the early versions of the game. Parts of armor, like the shoulder, are moving apart from the armor, according to the soldier’s movement. Those who know, the armor we wore on the Warband, seemed to stick to the character. This seems to change with the new game.

When we hurt our enemy or our character is injured, the blood can be scattered on our shield, on top of us, or even on the environment. After the battles we entered, it seems that we will often encounter moments where our heads are not visible from the blood.

One of the innovations added to the game is the camels. In particular, when you walk through desert-covered places, we will win a plus bonus. In battles, you will be able to ride the camel. During our journey to Kalradya we will be able to find camel caravans on the roads. There are some innovations in the war system. With the new system called counter-movement mechanics, the chambering system in Warband was developed. With the new counter-movement system, we’ll have the opportunity to do combo while chambering. Along with the change in the shield mechanics, although it has not contributed much to the dynamics of gameplay, it has gone from a visual innovation to a more realistic innovation. In my old system, the impact field shield is standing still, with the new physics system called inverse kinematics, the impact area of ​​the shield is moving back. The soldier, who carries the shield, reacts by feeling the blow in his body according to the intensity of the coup.

As known to those who are familiar with Mount & Blade games, they have four warehouses for characters, weapons and items. However, the possessions were not visible on our character. With the coming innovation, the items that we carry on our character, the weapons can be seen from the outside. So you can now see which weapons are stored in your opponent’s bag in online matches. One of the details of the new physics system is that it can be seen that the weapons on us are running.

We said Taleworlds is a secret company. Especially M & B II: We don’t know much about Bannerlord’s multiplayer mode. Game mechanics programmer Korneel Guns, working on multi-player modes at Taleworlds, gave little information about new modes. The indispensable part of multiplayer battles, the biggest innovation in the siege mode, and the ability to use defense and assault weapons in multiplayer battles (like catapults, siege towers, rammers). In addition, information was given about the previously introduced Commander Mode (Captain Mode) and the new mode, Collision War (Skirmish mode). For Skirmish mode, Corneel Guns says; we also have a more competitive Skirmish Battle game mode, designed to be played with 6 to 6 players. You have more than one life in each round, but each unit has different costs, which means you’ll have to choose between troops made up of more powerfully equipped troops and fewer troops with more powerfully equipped troops.

Good communication and managing your lives right are the key in this mode. In addition to this information, the Bannerlord server selection system will generally be the same as the Warband. So we want to choose servers, official or community servers will be the server interface. It is stated that a new automatic matching system is being worked on in some competitive modes. Bannerlord E-sports were predicted to be the game modes. These new game modes show that the game has a great potential for E-sports.

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