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Whichever one of us doesn’t want, we’ll either have a 1965 Ford Mustang or let’s get to the last model of Italian wonder, Lamborghini. Video games, which take us from real life for a while and take us away from nervousness and stress by living in our own imagination, continue to offer this opportunity for the automotive sector.


This type of race is successful in many productions in the show itself; One of the heroes of the list is undoubtedly the Need for Speed ​​series, which we all experience at least once. The film was first produced in 1994 under the name The Need for Speed ​​and it was in a short period of time to show itself within the racing type of games. Need for Speed ​​II, which became a legend for all of us three years after the production that successfully expanded its fan base, took its place on the shelves. After the first game, a year after the second game with great innovations and more detailed vehicle modeling, a great trio of Need for Speed ​​III: Hot Pursuit was added to the game.

The Need for Speed series, which has managed to enter our lives with three basic games, has approximately 22 pieces. 2004 had a golden age with the new game participating in the series. What is this? Of course Need for Speed: Underground 2! With the Underground 2, the Need for Speed series has successfully increased both its fan base and its turnover. The secret to this success was very simple: we were able to provide an experience as the players wanted. Need for Speed: Underground 2 has managed to bring itself back to the concept of freedom once more than 12 years after its release. The fact that the modified range of vehicles offered for such a wide range was the most influential factor. Imagine, we even had the speed display modeling and color selection!

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