Portal Knights New Tab for Google Chrome

Crafting with the development of Survival games has become an indispensable game system in many games. In the past we could only see this system in RPG games. Because these games, with few exceptions, did not offer as much diversity as today’s games, but we were impressed by the crafting systems.

The game has a simple scenario. According to the scenario, there is a fragmented world, and parts of this world are connected to each other through portal gates. Because each of these passages is protected by evil creatures, worlds cannot connect with each other. This is where the Portal Knights come out. We are playing a Portal Knight in the game and we travel between many worlds.

Before starting the game, we are asked to choose between three classes. Warrior, sword, ax etc. He uses weapons such as archers, bows and crossbows. Wizards can use various wands. After determining your class and appearance, you are stepping into the first world. The goal is to move from one world to another and collect portal pieces for it. However, the situation is getting harder and the enemies are becoming stronger as they progress in each world. Therefore, the crafting system is entering into the business.

As you progress in the game you need to build stronger weapons and stronger armor. To do this, you need to complete the previous improvements. I would say that Portal Knights has a detailed and satisfying crafting system. The game contains a lot of unique material and as you progress, you can produce even more powerful items with these materials.

Apart from this, from time to time on the map, you can also earn beautiful items. These items can be equipment or materials that will allow you to produce important equipment. There is also a talent system in the game where you can shape your character. You can make choices to guide your character on a few levels, although not at each level. However, the producer team has already given the good news that a deeper RPG content will be available when the full version of the game comes.

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