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Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks have long left the Prey series silent. In the past years, Prey has been announced for the Prey series. Yes, the game we saw was not a Prey 2 because Bethesda Softworks wanted to offer these series from the beginning to the players. Obviously, the first game was not able to perform with the team. Anyway, the second game of the series was finally released to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In the game, we take control of a character named Morgan Yu. Game, as soon as you need to select the gender. So Morgan Yu, can become a men or a women. We take the step after we choose our sex. As Morgan Yu, new experiments that will take the human race one step further are done above us. At least he was trying to do it. Anyway, when we first awaken in the game, the dates show March 15, 2032. If you ask me, the opening of the game is truly flawless. Of course not to mention spoilers, but the most beautiful opening I’ve seen in a game recently, Prey is performing.

Shortly after the start of the game, we encounter our alien enemies called Typhon. First, we have our Typhon alien enemies, Mimic and Phantom. The space station we are in, Talos I, has already been invaded by this alien race. Therefore, we also find new weapons in Talos I, collecting things and trying to survive. Apart from survival, of course, we have the main goal in the game. We prefer that you play the game. But we can easily say that the script is a mystery all the time. In short, we want to say that the scenario and the opening we liked this game a lot.

Prey is a FPS type game. In the game, we are trying to kill our enemies with weapons or melee weapons. The place comes, using the privacy elements, folding those enemies. We’re running out of bullets, producing bullets. We don’t have weapons, we produce weapons. In order to produce all of these things, we need to make discoveries and we need to recycle the unnecessary items in our inventory so that we can get material.

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