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The puzzles we encounter in many games, generally without too much strain, do not affect the flow of the game too much. Adventure games are a little difficult. But you can still solve it. In the portal, this works in reverse. To cross a section, you just have to solve the puzzle.

The general logic of the portal is as follows. With the tool in your hand (very similar to the gravity gun in Half Life 2), you are opening gates where you can determine both ends. You need to reach the elevator at the end of the section using these passages. Although it is easy to write, it is not that easy to do. Especially after the episodes get better. Because at many points, only opening the gate does not work. Sometimes you want to open the ceiling, fall on your target, sometimes open the bottom of the room, jump from him above from one place to gain speed and reach the other side. As it is seen, it is very difficult to tell.

In order to reach the conclusion I said it is not enough to use only the portal. At the same time the weapons that are in the section and are constantly shooting at you must also be guided accordingly. For example, you need to open the other end and destroy the weapon. After you destroy the weapon on the ground on the weight sensors, you will find a box, you will open the door somewhere.

As I said, Portal is quite complicated, it is a perfect solution for those who are tired of the same scenarios but do not want to compromise on features such as graphics and sound, but are looking for a game that is more peaceful but will force your brain hard.

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