Real Racing 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

After a long time, Real Racing made a spectacular comeback. The EA gave its signals with NFS: Most Wanted. It is obvious that players enjoy the most racing games in mobile games. Real Racing 3; double the graphics, sounds, realistic controls, licensed tools using the TSM system.

real racing 3

With RR3, we are starting to benefit from the benefits of TSM. In this system of millions of users, we are competing with real players instead of artificial intelligence. Both online (but at least once online). Our in-motion moves and degrees are sent to the game’s servers. This data is automatically downloaded if you have an internet connection while entering the game. Probably now EA will offer in-game updates to us as well. In this way, we will not need to download data that exceeds 700 MB when the update comes.

Car and environment modeling has been made so beautiful that it has more robust graphics than most racing games on PS2. When we go out of control with our vehicle to speed out when the vehicle breaks occur in our vehicle. I’ll go bumps and I’m not going to say what will be friends, because after the race we have to repair our vehicle. Damage does not only occur on the outside. Our vehicle’s oil, eng樂威壯 ine, brake pads, suspensions, tires are also deformed after a certain race. We also have them repaired. Unfortunately, we cannot use the vehicle while our vehicle is being repaired. We need to wait a while. The name of the game, explains the pleasure it gives.

Available in the Chrome Store

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