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Gameloft, which has proven itself with the games it develops for mobile devices, goes into our mix with the racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne. The eighth game of the series, presented in many languages, is a bit different from the other Asphalt series. Be ready for vehicles flying in the air by defying gravity in Airborne.

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Gameloft has developed an Asphalt series that has so far been an absurd race experience for game lovers. Asphalt has always demonstrated its difference with the distancing physics and nitrogen gas effects, and makes this difference one step further with the eighth game of the series.

Airborne in the game bearing the name of the game against gravity will dance in the air. Asphalt 8 does not compromise the gameplay; According to the previous game of the series 80% of the new Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ferrari 47 famous brands of branded models are available. With the fastest vehicle, we can say that it is very enjoyable to fly through the obstacles that come in your way.

With the gold you have won at the end of the races, you can purchase any vehicle and perform many performance improvements to your vehicle. When you start the game you will meet a guide. With this guide, you can easily learn how to fly your vehicles from obstacles and controls. Your adventure, which will start with Career mode, has 8 different seasons and 180 events.

To unlock the cars listed in 5 different categories from the lower segment to the top segment, you must perform successfully in career mode. In the game where the star system is used, there are a number of tasks you have to perform in the races.

If you successfully complete different tasks, such as turning over in the air, controlling the vehicle perfectly, and shredding rival vehicles, you earn more gold and move on to the next season.

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  1. RonnyGames

    Hola, he jugado a este juego, y es muy muy genial y con buena calidad y gráficas, pero alguien podría guiarme a como poder jugarlo

    1. admin

      Hola RonnyGames,

      El juego no se puede descargar en nuestro sitio web, sin embargo, si sigue el enlace a continuación, puede obtenerlo para Windows o Android o su dispositivo IOS.

      Para Android
      Para iOS
      Para ventanas


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