Tera Online New Tab for Google Chrome

Tera Online is one of the youngest games trying to get a place among MMORPG games. The game opened the doors to us along with a long installation and an average update time. In the beginning, it showed a short and beautiful cinematic that depicted the story of the game.

According to the story of the game, 7 different races formed a federation over time and prepared to repel any attack against them. Luckily, one day a mysterious island started to rise. When he explores the island, they encounter a new and truly bloodthirsty army of creatures. After a quick preparation process, the troops gather to the island and we start the game from here.


There are 7 races you can use within the game. These are Human, Castonic, Aman, Popori, Elin, Baraka and Highelf. All characters have their own style of speaking and tasks. Once you have decided on your race, you will need to choose a class. These are warrior, lancer, slayer, berserker, sorcerer, archer, priest, mystic classes.

The character detailing and selection screen really has a wide range. You can create your own carousel from scratch, or you can play one of the ready-made classes. Although Tera offers such a wide range of characters, the character of the game is quite simple. Once you have made all the selections, all you have to do is choose one of the 4 outfits offered to you and determine your name.

When you enter the game you will have the first graphics. Dynamic graphics are really eye-catching and awaken for a while and want to look around. In fact, if the game was just a visual, everything could be so beautiful. When you start moving a little too simple mistakes that we think should not happen. When you jump into the water from a high place, you start to swim in a moment, do not sink into the water or see the entry into the water has been one of the errors of such a game that gives such importance to visuality. Similar errors are also possible to see when climbing stairs. It has the ability to hold the gap between 2 digits and pull it up. You can also stand in the air at the side of the suspension bridge.

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