Fallout 4 New Tab for Google Chrome

You mark a task on your map and after about two hours you find yourself in a different place to escape from mutant bears. This is the power of Bethesda, friends. Open world game is such a thing. What I have to say is that, in recent years, Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3 have been released to each other through basically similar open world models. I enjoyed playing the two games incredibly, but the open world that these games offered because of the scenario was relatively restricted. The question mark hunting on the map felt like an open world, but it did not fully meet the meaning.


Here Fallout 4 is a clear, pure, immaculate open world. If you have the excitement of discovering a little inside you, Boston is the perfect match for you. Looks like abandoned settlements (until the Raiders arrive), decaying factories, supermarkets … Once you’ve strolled across the hillside and strolling around Boston, you’ll notice something very important within a few hours: Fallout 4 is just a quest overwritten. Always looking. Every step you take in the ruins of the old world combines you with the past and the future.

The game also presents a scenario that supports this quest. With Fallout 4 we start the game before the nuclear disaster for the first time. Well, this is not a spoiler / surprise, because Bethesda has shown them to us many times. The character-building part of the game takes place in the pre-disaster world and gives you the most entertaining character-creation sequence we’ve seen in recent years.

The character creation section is definitely the best I’ve ever seen. It has gained a lot of appreciation both for its free structure and for offering it to you in a great way. First of all, it is moving very organically. Even though character modeling still seems to be a bit of a fall, Fallout 4 is not a result of every Bethesda game, but a winning company.

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