Starcraft 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

We know that Blizzard has always created memorabilia and aravideos that can be watched for many years. There is nothing different here, after producing the unhappy enemy sent to the ranks of the marines, nor the labor of the hand of the laborers, how much labor is on them after the magnificent video of a great gas after we take our first step into the game.

Blizzard, World of Warcraft launched with the account is faced with a more advanced form of account creation system, just like in WoW and enters our email and password, we connect to the game’s servers. Although the interface we encountered was confused by the beginning, we understand that everything we have used is under our control. If you want to single-player, multi-player modes with a single click you can login, we find ourselves in the game quickly.

During the beta test time, we entered a lot of multiplayer modes, so like everyone else, we were very curious about the script modes, and therefore immediately got the one-man scenario mode. We’re going four years from the story in Brood War. We are in a period dominated by the dominion of the Terran race. At this time, the Protoss race did not come to the fore after the Zergs had stepped up. We understand that this is the silence before the storm.

Our story begins with the characters we know from the first game. First of all, the character we focus on is Jim Raynor. Raynor, who is declared a terrorist, meets with his ex-friend Tychus Findley by chance while losing his footprints in the depths of space. During our journey in space, we learn that there is a great destruction plan behind the silence of the Zerg.

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