Warcraft 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

First, you have to be one of Blizzard’s registered original warcraft III players in order to have this game. But the wonder that the Frozen Throne will be as successful as the Starcraft Expension Pack Brood War. When we look at the tests in beta, we can say that the team that prepared the warcarft 3 is trying to prepare a bugless and maximum fun game with plenty of strategy and plenty of new units. Not only do I add new units, but I would like to mention that many new features have been added to old units. Especially in old warcraft 3, the almost unused human tank is transformed into an anti air unit.

It was an effective unit with the added rocket. Again, the gyrokopter of human has been added a new chaing that inflicts damage to the air targets that resemble the corsair feature of the brood ward. The game since the first beta has appeared constantly patch’i. These are v300, v301, v302, v303 and v304 respectively. In every patch, changes in the initial money conditions were changed, so I will write the changes in the txt file that comes with the patch on the v304 patch, which is the final version of the game, rather than the whole patch. On the screen shot, the game’s load screen, the main game menu and screen shots of a lot of new units are located.

Other than these, this time the game’s man is the Death Knight Arthas, who is on the side o必利勁 f the Undeads. As you will see in Screen Shot, it has been a charisma with its lime-white face that looks like a corpse, its bleached hair, its red bags under the eyes and its smirking grin. Our indigenous series of cruel and Seymen in the air on the land is almost like a slave! An average Warcraft III player who has already gathered two does not have Arthas. Of course, their role in the series.

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