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The latest work by Quantic Dream and David Cage, Beyond: Two Souls, is a truly inter-genre production. What does that mean? First of all, Fahrenheit since the team working in the interactive cinema discipline, stories and stories on the effects of people on the focus. Especially with Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream, which caused a lot of controversy in this context, was the target of discussions in a game or a movie setting, because of where the game started and could not predict where the film ended.


Now with Beyond, these discussions seem to flare up again. I guess if I had to say one thing about Two Souls, it would definitely be the only one of its kind. First of all, it was played by real players, and when it was really considered separately in both the movie and game categories, there was no other production that had such a spectacular acting. Heavy Rain, it’s a great job in Heavy Rain, but it’s not as strong as Beyond.

Beyond: Two Souls are about 15 years of Jodie Holmes’ (Ellen Page) life. 8 years to 23 years of experience in the break-up of the life of the construction, life and post-life questions, many questions about the answer, offering sharp edges, leaving the interpretation of the player / audience.

Jodie, in a way like us, in a way is quite a different character from us. What makes him so different is an invisible person, Aiden, who has been with him ever since he was born. Aiden is a character who makes Jodie both special and makes the other.

There are two big differences between Beyond and Heavy Rain. One of them, in Fahrenheit taste, is that it touches quite spiritual and paranormal themes. While Heavy Rain offers Nolan’s Memento taste, Beyond puts paranormal elements in this Shining setting and make sure it does it in a spectacular way.

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