Dreamfall Chapters New Tab for Google Chrome

Dreamfall Chapters begins in Storytime, a different world from the normal world of Europolis and the magic world, Arcadia. This region is a preparation for us and for Zoe. We are trying to get used to the gameplay with Zoe, who tries to save the ones who use the dream machines and save the ones who are not.

The number of objects that we can interact with is quite limited and made incredibly easy to use. Zoe has 4 different powers and we use one of them to progress in the story. We are opening the lights for the man who is afraid of the dark, slowing the time for the falling woman. In the first part, while solving the puzzles, What is the head of the game? I was surprised by the whole game, you can be surprised by the easy to wear puzzles.

In these moments, where we remain between two or more options in general, our character who is in control at the moment is experiencing a long monologues phase about the ordered options. It’s not like it’s the choice. You need to listen to each one separately and to speak to the character in front of him you need to continue.

Already you will encounter warnings in the style of The Walking Dead many times. When you give an answer, the characters you are interacting with will be able to remember this, and the notifications will continue throughout the Dreamfall Chapters, which will affect the story directly. In some moments, the game will ask you to make a choice, and it is good to think carefully and decide in such moments.

Available in the Chrome Store

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